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Hello, my name is T.N. Newton! I'm an animator, artist, designer, writer and creator who hopes to work in 2D television animation or pre-production for animated films. I have experience in ToonBoom Harmony, Adobe Photoshop and other digital art software such as Paint Tool SAI, as well as traditional hand-drawn animation, video editing in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, and game development in Python (Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine) and RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA as a major of animation.

I’m incredibly passionate about animation and love learning as much as I can about animation history and the industry past and present. When it comes to working in animation I consider myself not only an imaginative, artistic creator who holds story, character, as well as interesting and believable worlds to be top priority, but a valuable teammate in the creative process. I love to collaborate and work with others to create our best ideas possible within a medium that has limitless possibilities and potential. I'm able to critically think, analyze and contribute to a production with the perceptive, hands-on, and driven attitude of a hard worker who truly loves what they do with all their heart and soul.

At SCAD, my professors frequently compliment how knowledgeable I am about the art and industry of animation. Not only do I love my field, but I love to learn! Knowing the history, influences, and what it takes to be successful in animation is something I hold as important beyond measure, as well as learning from experienced individuals. It isn't just great works of animation, but the people within the industry that challenge and inspire me every day to be the best artist, writer, designer, creator and visual storyteller I can possibly be!